Fruitful Bundle

The Fruitful Bundle was created specifically to help women heal their reproductive system and embody their natural state of abundance.

This bundle includes St Johns Bush, Blue Vervain, Cerasee, Irish Seamoss, Fruitful Yoni Steam, Red Raspberry Leaf and Cocoa Sticks! Each of these 7 herbs offer unique high grade healing benefits. When used together, the healing benefits for women become even more abundant and epic. The Fruitful Bundle will be especially beneficial to women who struggle with any conditions such as infertility, inflammation, chronic pelvic pain and those who have irregular or heavy menstrual periods. This Bundle will help women balance and rejuvenate their wombs and return to their natural state of fruitfulness.

Fruitful Bundle Components:

  1. Irish Seamoss - Superfood that boosts metabolism, increases energy level, improves libido, supports bone health, and more! It also contains iodine which is important for hormonal balancing. Best consumed when made into a gel.

  2. Blue Vervain - Feel-good herb that helps with mood boosting, womb cleansing, calming the nervous system, and healing the reproductive system! A lot of women are carrying so much stress and this herb will help release it and full joy the moments!

  3. Cerasee - Detoxifying, blood purifying, bitter herb that acts as antimicrobial agent and mild laxative. Great for reducing menstrual cramping.

  4. Red Raspberry Leaf - Potent herb that is iron rich, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant that effectively improves and heals various women's health issues.

  5. Cocoa Sticks - 100% pure cacao that provides iron, an important mineral for women and also has immense mood boosting and anti-oxidant benefits.

  6. Fruitful - Epic Yoni steam blend that supports and nourishes the womb by improving the functioning of the uterine muscles and stimulating blood flow in the uterus.

  7. St John's Bush - Potent herb that is rich in iron and works to simultaneously cleanse the womb while regulating female hormones.



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