Top 5 Simple Seamoss Uses (No Smoothies!!)

Blessed love Family!

In this post, you'll learn how to make the most of your Seamoss and the water you use to soak it in!  Don't feel like Smoothies are the only way! Seamoss is soo versatile and is only limited by your creativity!

Give thanks for your presence and let us know if you try any of the recipes in this video! 



  • Lisa-Marie Amata

    Supreme being Akeem Pierre, may The Almighty Most High Jah continue to rained down His blessings from on high as you enlighten and share your gifts and talents. May peace, joy and love be your house mates. May protection cover your door frame. You are blessed in your going and in your coming as long as you continue to do a great work morally and ethically. Be well.

  • Cheryl Crawford

    Thanks a million !

  • Joseph

    What is the shelf life of sea moss,

  • kendrick

    Need seamoss capsules

  • Ruth Owens

    Greetings, your enthusiasm caused me to consider and buy your products. Does seamoss work topically if applied to face and hair?

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