Delicious Plant-Based Feast prep


Who says eating healthy has to be boring?! In this video I prepare an epic meal prep full of delicious and nutritious foods. 


Items featured in this video: 

  • Jamaican Patties stuffed with Subji:
  • Zoodles w/ Walnut marinara & Chickpea Pattie:
  • Battered Mini Oyster Mushrooms: 


I will post the written directions very soon! until then, Enjoy the follow along video!



    Send us yo recipes.. I want to get into eating this way of eating. but I donnot no how to cook plant base food very well. Right down the recipe include them as you show us the way Ok

  • Annette west-davis

    How soon will the sea moss be in almost time to reorder

  • Lynn Watson

    Need the cleanse package for female and seamoss

  • Cherryann

    Thanks to you and the Empress much love and blessings. Please I/We need full recipes can you’ll bless us with a book I definitely will patronize got my mouth watering over here. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

  • Claire

    Send us some recipes or if you have a recipe book thank you

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